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Yogamap v1.0 is on the Appstore

Hi All, Yogamap is finally approved by Apple and is available for download on the Appstore. Some of the features of the final product are:- For Yoga workouts and meditations, clear steps to guide you mantra suggestions breathing options adaptations to match your...

Yogamap v1.0 is dev complete

Hi, We are pleased to announce that after months of work (among our other responsibilities) Yogamap is development complete.  We are very excited to test the app and after a few QA cycles the app will be ready for submission to Apple. Thank you for your...

Yogamap v1.0 is in development

We are hard at work to bring Yogamap app to you. It will feature meditations with ability to set custom times and Yoga workouts. The Yoga workouts will be either be 7 minutes or 14 minutes and will feature a balance of breath work, essentials and more yoga. You will...

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