YogaMap channel is on YouTube

YogaMap channel is on YouTube

Yogamap channel on YouTube is on.

We started the Yogamap to promote the yogic lifestyle with a couple of points :-

  • Promote the yogic lifestyle for busy people who have limited time to spend hours in morning sadhna (like I used to for many years).  Btw, morning sadhna practice in kundalini yoga is an important practice for a yogic lifestyle and balance usually begins early in the morning at 4 am with a cold shower. There are many health and yogic benefits from a cold shower like strengthening of the nervous system. This is usually followed by some light yoga for a couple of minutes.  I want to incorporate the 5 Tibetan rites for this part in my practice.  Then follows Sudarshan Chakra kriya for 15-62 minutes depending on your level and preference.  After that is the chanting for about 90 minutes.
  • Advocate yogic foods for all the yogic benefits. Check out our beautiful yogicfoods apps and the for some fantastic articles about yogic foods, yogic diet and a yoga inspired lifestyle.
  • Use cool apps such as the Yogamap app for quick yoga for busy people.  Yogamap features quick 7 or 14 minute workouts so you carry your class in an app.  Great for when you are travelling or you cant make it to your regular yoga class.  Since it is developed by a technologist and a KRI certified yoga (me),  the idea keep improving the algorithm as we try to bridge the gap between technology and yoga.  Furthermore, it is beautifully illustrated by my wife, Caroline.
  • Review and feature cool technology that bring us closer to the yogic way of living and dealing with a busy worklife.

You can use this link to access the Yogamap Youtube channel and this link to access the Yogicfoods Youtube channel.



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