YogaMap channel is on YouTube

YogaMap channel is on YouTube

Yogamap channel on YouTube is on.

We started the Yogamap to promote the yogic lifestyle with a couple of points :-

  • Promote the yogic lifestyle for busy people who have limited time to spend hours in morning sadhna (like I used to for many years).  Btw, morning sadhna practice in kundalini yoga is an important practice for a yogic lifestyle and balance usually begins early in the morning at 4 am with a cold shower. There are many health and yogic benefits from a cold shower like strengthening of the nervous system. This is usually followed by some light yoga for a couple of minutes.  I want to incorporate the 5 Tibetan rites for this part in my practice.  Then follows Sudarshan Chakra kriya for 15-62 minutes depending on your level and preference.  After that is the chanting for about 90 minutes.
  • Advocate yogic foods for all the yogic benefits. Check out our beautiful yogicfoods apps and the for some fantastic articles about yogic foods, yogic diet and a yoga inspired lifestyle.
  • Use cool apps such as the Yogamap app for quick yoga for busy people.  Yogamap features quick 7 or 14 minute workouts so you carry your class in an app.  Great for when you are travelling or you cant make it to your regular yoga class.  Since it is developed by a technologist and a KRI certified yoga (me),  the idea keep improving the algorithm as we try to bridge the gap between technology and yoga.  Furthermore, it is beautifully illustrated by my wife, Caroline.
  • Review and feature cool technology that bring us closer to the yogic way of living and dealing with a busy worklife.

You can use this link to access the Yogamap Youtube channel and this link to access the Yogicfoods Youtube channel.



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Meditation support on the Yogamap app

Meditation support on the Yogamap app


The latest version of the Yogamap app is available on the Appstore with support for iOS11.  In this article, I am outlining the features in the app that specifically support meditation functionality in the app.

Meditation option in Yogamap App

Yogamap app has some exciting features that make meditations timing easy, more mindful and the allowing of focus on the meditation and not by the app itself.  We have ensured that the app is minimally distracting when the app is used for Meditations (and in general) for the yoga workout.  This option allows users to use the Yogamap app for all kinds of meditations from Yoga ( Hatha, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa) as well as Zen meditations (zazen with different sitting styles – hankafuza or half lotus, kekkafuza or full lotus, kinhin or walking meditation) One can set the desired interval and once the interval is over then a nice relaxing gong gracefully ends the meditation.

Summary of the meditation option features of the Yogamap app :-

Customizable times

Customizable times to the seconds to accommodate 11, 31, 61 and or any other time down to seconds.  For example, to setup a 61 min. meditation inspired by Kundalini Yoga, one would use the double tap gesture on the time part of the Meditation screen.  The screen would transition to the duration screen where a picker is presented with spinners for hours, minutes & seconds.  Slide the hour picker to 1 and the minute picker to 1 to set the time to the 61 minute meditation time.  Leave the seconds spinner to 0 as 1 hr 1 min = 61 minutes so not second setting is not needed.  Similarly to setup a 3:30 min meditation , leave the hour picker to 0, set the minute spinner to 3 for 3 minutes then set the second spinner to 30 for the extra 30 seconds.


During the meditation you can do long deep breathing, sitali pranayama as well as segmented breathing and even breath of fire for most Kundalini yoga inspired meditations.  For Zazen or other style of zen meditation you can also use the breath as specified by the meditation.

Time is Up

  1. When the meditation time is up, there is a relaxing gong sound.  The plan is to add more relaxing sounds besides the gong in the future.  Please note that the device (your iPhone) needs to be NOT in Vibrate mode for the Gong sound to be audible.  Here, we ensure that the app works with any kind of music playing in your meditation playlist.  So, you should hear the gong sound even when the music is playing.
  2. There is also a gentle haptic feedback when your meditation timer is over.  For the haptic to be felt it has to be touching any part of the body so the vibration can easily be felt.  Another way of doing this is to leave the phone with the running timer on the floor or a hard surface.  You can set the phone to Vibrate and when the timer is finished then the haptic will be heard when it is on the floor.  This is beneficial if you are in a deep meditative state so you are not disturbed but gently brought back from it.
The above article summarize some of the features in Yogamap app now available on the Appstore (Download here).  While we try to improve the Meditation part of the Yogamap app all the time, we welcome all your suggestions to improve it.  In the future, I would like to add more support for Zen meditations, more relaxing sounds and custom reminders at regular intervals. Please visit the Yogamap facebook page or Yogamap on Twitter or on Instagram here. — Gary Saggu (Developer)
Gary Saggu has been coding since the 80’s. He has been programming in C, C++,C#, Java, Objective C and Swift for many years. He has an interest in tech startups, blockchain & big-data. He is a certified Yoga instructor & a scuba diver. Visit Gary Saggu’s tech blog here.
Yogamap v2.0 with support for iOS11 is available for your quick Yoga workouts

Yogamap v2.0 with support for iOS11 is available for your quick Yoga workouts

Yogamap v2.0 is out on the Appstore.  Yogamap brings a quick Yoga class anytime, anywhere to your iPhone. Main Features:-
  • Support for the latest iOS11 as well as the new devices iPhone8, iPhone8 Plus and the upcoming iPhone X.
  • Routine bug fixes and improvements for a better user experience.
Please let us know if you would like any new features or any comments regarding how to improve the app.  Also do not forget to follow us on social networks for latest updates. Yogamap will be coming soon with the quick Yoga workouts to the Apple TV and Apple TV 4k – most likely Q1 2018. –Gary Saggu

Yogamap v1.0 is on the Appstore

Hi All,

Yogamap is finally approved by Apple and is available for download on the Appstore.

Some of the features of the final product are:-

For Yoga workouts and meditations,

  • clear steps to guide you
  • mantra suggestions
  • breathing options
  • adaptations to match your comfort level
  • benefits to inspire and help you keep up

Other features

  • Inspiring quotes
  • Beautiful and intuitive design
  • New yoga session every time
  • Track progress
  • Share your results
  • Adjust transition time in between poses
  • Choice between 7 and 14 minutes class
  • Helpscreens to use the app
  • Meditations
  • Adjustable Meditation timer
  • Play your favorite music
  • Calming gong sound to indicate next pose



Gurupreet & Caroline

Yogamap v1.0 is dev complete

Hi, We are pleased to announce that after months of work (among our other responsibilities) Yogamap is development complete.  We are very excited to test the app and after a few QA cycles the app will be ready for submission to Apple. Thank you for your support, Gary

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