Yoga classes anytime, anywhere

yogamap app - 7 minute yoga exercises, poses, meditation, breath and progress tracking

YOGA – Your way

Get your Yoga workout anytime, anywhere

Quick yoga in 7 minutes or 14 minutes with Breathing, Essentials and Yoga kriyas.

  • Your yoga class with Breathing, essentials and core yoga poses
  • Recommended mantra
  • Recommended breathing
  • Any modifications or substitution advice
  • Benefits of the pose
  • Upcoming pose or rest period



Yogamap has features that enable your yogic lifestyle

Custom configurations depending on your yoga work-out needs,  with a meditation component that is also configurable so you can tailor it to your needs.  Everything from inspirational quotes to tracking your 7 day workout discipline. 

yogamap app - 7 minute yoga exercises, poses, meditation, breath and progress tracking

Flexible duration

Set either a 7 minute yoga workout or a 14 minute one.  Also, set your own transition time and let Yogamap tailor the class for you.

Yoga or Meditation

Choose either a meditation or yoga depending on what you feel like.

Track your yoga and meditation progress

Track your 7 day progress for yoga and meditation easily.

yogamap app - 7 minute yoga exercises, poses, meditation, breath and progress tracking

What You Get

Yoga your way

7 minute or 14 minute yoga workouts keeps things moving and is quick for anytime during the day.  Want a longer yoga class do two or even three 14 minute workouts.

Yoga workouts

Yoga exercises are different each time from an ever growing library of poses and kriyas divided into breathing, essential yoga and core yoga poses.


Set your own transition time.  Yogamp features configurable transition time to move between poses or take a short breather.


Meditate your way at anytime – set your timer and Go.

Progress Tracking

Track your progress and see how much time was spent in the last 7 days on your practice.

Learn about benefits of Yoga

Each pose shows the benefits of each yoga pose with variations including breath and mantra.  Get inspirational quotes and more.

Get Started!

Start your journey or continue it with the Yogamap whether you are into Hatha, Flow, Vinyasa, Kundalini or Sivananda yoga.

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    yogamap app - 7 minute yoga exercises, poses, meditation, breath and progress tracking available on the AppStore

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