Hi All,

Yogamap is finally approved by Apple and is available for download on the Appstore.

Some of the features of the final product are:-

For Yoga workouts and meditations,

  • clear steps to guide you
  • mantra suggestions
  • breathing options
  • adaptations to match your comfort level
  • benefits to inspire and help you keep up

Other features

  • Inspiring quotes
  • Beautiful and intuitive design
  • New yoga session every time
  • Track progress
  • Share your results
  • Adjust transition time in between poses
  • Choice between 7 and 14 minutes class
  • Helpscreens to use the app
  • Meditations
  • Adjustable Meditation timer
  • Play your favorite music
  • Calming gong sound to indicate next pose



Gurupreet & Caroline

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